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Protective Shield

RSQAC (Reactive Silane Quaternary Ammonium Compound) Protective Shield

RSQAC (Reactive Silane Quaternary Ammonium Compound) - Coating we have developed technology to provide a substitute for the chemical coating which is very harmful to health and the atmosphere. Its impact on atmospheric pollution is negligible. Users will not find any form of chemical reaction on any surface after tratment with the chemical. The RSQAC membrane protects you from any microbial infection by attacking microbial cell membrane and neutralising the microorganism. Microbes won't be able to spread and the epidemic is prevented.

Protective Shield

RSQAC Protective Shield

RSQAC is an effective solution to prevent the microbes that cause epidemic growth and spread. It is effective over a long period. The surface coated materials are washable as the coating will not get decomposed or depleted with washing powder or water jet. It is a pollution free and user friendly solution to prevent microbes growth.

  • Our RSQAC is far better than any other protective compound available in the market. This is an advanced colorless, odourless chemical compound - made of a positive charge polymer which chemically bonds permanently with the surface and is virtually not removable.
  • Its single application is enough to give you long term antifungal, antimicrobial and anti-viral properties. The microbes get no time for multiplication on any surface or grow, preventing the spread of any epidemic caused by microbes.
  • Its ability to migrate from one surface to any other surface is very limited. So the pollution level is nil and its ability to prevent any microbes spreading on other surfaces is also very high.
  • The coated surface is washable/ launderable without losing the coated surface, whether it is cloth, furniture, metal or door. You will not notice any further growth of the microbes on these surfaces after washing the clothes, sofas, and any other surfaces where the coating is applied / sprayed already.
  • The continuous action or protection remains for a long time and it reduces the cost/investment and pollution level.
  • When the coated surface is metal, it won't get any form of oxidisation or emission of any gas, besides its effect on the metal surface is as high as on the other surfaces too.
  • The coating protection from microbes growth on metal surfaces is much higher. This compound is not consumable for any microbes, so the microbes won't become immune or resistant to this surface coating solution at any of the coating’s lifespan.
  • The coated membrane is capable of entering even a small surface, yet it won't become an agent of electrocution.
  • Finally, there is no chance of spreading a new microbiome which is resistant to the coating of RSQAC sprayed film.

Commonly Used Dis-infectants are harmful and more often Poisonous

  • These dis-infectants have got very short term effectiveness. Once time passes, the microbiome becomes active again.
  • Leach or Migrate off the treated surface. Discoloration and oxidation are very common.
  • Some are oxidised faster when interacting with the atmosphere and their effectiveness goes down. The chance of microbes becoming active is very fast.
  • Most of these chemicals are harmful for the human body and when they interact with the cells many types of reactions can occur in your body.
  • Most of these chemicals are not coming with guarantees for performance, hence durability is a question mark and the safety is doubtful.
  • When it is used , the other helpful microorganisms also die during the process of spraying which causes a harmful effect to nature.
  • This slow impact or low impact products give ample time for the harmful microorganisms to become immune to such chemicals and they grow faster again. This can cause epidemics that go out of control in some circumstances. Their immunity to treatment may be passed on to the new generation organism and they spread faster in future without any control.
  • The antibiotics and dis-infectants will become less effective if they come active the next time.

How to Use RSQAC?
  • It's a hospital-grade dis-infectant certified by EPA(US), Listed with FDA (US) and FDA(China)European Biocide Directive 98/8, SEK(Japan)Oeko-Tex standard -100(Switzerland)PMRA no.1533(Canada).
  • RSQAC can be sprayed by a securely designed electrostatic sprayer gun. To charge each droplet of liquid is sprayed to make it electrically stronger than the area, it is applied making it less likely to shred to any other area.
Where can you apply this?
  • Any public places, like Gymnasium, Bus seats, trains, Hospitals and Tern minals of any transportations.
  • Offices- Small offices, cafetaria, Restaurants and cinema theatres.
  • Escalators, Air-craft and passenger vehicles of any kind
  • Wash-rooms and public toilets
Durability of coating
  • Minimum 180 days after application.
  • Free from wiping out when you clean the surface daily
  • You are free from weekly or daily antiviral treatment spraying at home or office
  • Safe for Human and environment
  • Removes foul odor from Toilet, wash basin etc.

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    When it comes to sanitisation we are extra careful. While we source the raw material we make sure that the source of raw maternal meet all hygiene and sanitization standards.
    The manufacturing unit needs all hygiene and sanitation protocols meeting international standards. The workforce is throughly sanitised to ensure no contaminants are taken inside the manufacturing faciality.
    Our motto: "Safety Before Self".

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Precaution to Keep Yourself Safe (Health Safety tips)

  • Use Arogya Setu App for latest updates, news, diet plans.
  • Meditation, Physical exercises, and yoga will relieve stress and tension.
  • Wear a mask and gloves when you go out.
  • Wash hands with soap or sanitiser regularly.
  • Carry a Bottle of sanitiser.
  • Cover your Face nose to below the chin properly when wearing mask
  • Get your Home and floors sanitised using an active sanitisation agent
  • Keep one meter distance from another person when you stand in a queue for any service.
  • Avoid visiting Banks, and try to do most of the transactions online.
  • Wash and sanitize your clothes daily after coming from outside in case you go out.
  • If you feel fever and cold, get it checked by a qualified Doctor.
  • If possible avoid visiting any crowded places.