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Critical disinfection and Disease Preventive Treatment

Critical Disinfection and Disease Preventive Treatment

Critical disinfection of your floors, your factory compounds and school premises all are very important to prevent the communicable disease from spreading. Our dedicated critical disinfectant service staff undertakes the task methodically. The most effective solutions and compounds are used for disinfectant services.

Critical disinfection and Disease Preventive Treatment

Critical Disinfection Service

Our well trained staff sanitise the premises effectively and they dispose of the used tools and leave the solution safely in a safety bag before disposing it off. Before starting, they wear complete safety accessories, and use properly sanitised tools and containers. Every surface is properly cleaned and professionally santised. Every project undertaken is effectively executed to the atmost satisfaction of the customers. We provide several kind of disinfectants mentioned below :

  • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds based Disinfectant
  • Chlorine Compounds based Disinfectant
  • Alcohol based Disinfectant
  • Aldehydes based Disinfectant
  • Iodophors based Disinfectant
  • Phenolic Compounds based Disinfectant
  • Hydrogen Peroxide based Disinfectant

Critical disinfection and Disease Preventive Treatment

Disease Preventive Treatment

As the pandemic spreads across the world we expect service to sanitise the compounds, stations, offices, factory premises, Homes , surface of any kind including furniture, walls. All these tasks are taken care of by our trained and experienced sanitisation staff using the certified chemicals and solutions.

  • Home sanitation service
  • School sanitization service
  • Office sanitation service
  • Factory sanitation service
  • Public place and Bus , Train, and Aeroplane sanitisation
  • Public Toilets Sanitization

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    We manufacture all products with adequate precautions. Products manufactured by our organization meet quality standards. At every step the quality control protocols are in place with through supervision to ensure world class quality standards.

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    When it comes to sanitisation we are extra careful. While we source the raw material we make sure that the source of raw maternal meet all hygiene and sanitization standards.
    The manufacturing unit needs all hygiene and sanitation protocols meeting international standards. The workforce is throughly sanitised to ensure no contaminants are taken inside the manufacturing faciality.
    Our motto: "Safety Before Self".

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    Affordability and Accessibility

    Our products are sold at affordable prices. We make sure that you can buy online from anywhere in the world. Your time and money are saved. Nevertheless, the quality is maintained at highest standard.
    We thought of you!...

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    On Time Delivery

    As soon as you place an order our team comes into action. They process the order instantly and hand it over to the next delivery schedule. You will have the option to track your order online or call our customer service department. Your product is 99% delivered on time and it is maintained always.

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Precaution to Keep Yourself Safe (Health Safety tips)

  • Use Arogya Setu App for latest updates, news, diet plans.
  • Meditation, Physical exercises, and yoga will relieve stress and tension.
  • Wear a mask and gloves when you go out.
  • Wash hands with soap or sanitiser regularly.
  • Carry a Bottle of sanitiser.
  • Cover your Face nose to below the chin properly when wearing mask
  • Get your Home and floors sanitised using an active sanitisation agent
  • Keep one meter distance from another person when you stand in a queue for any service.
  • Avoid visiting Banks, and try to do most of the transactions online.
  • Wash and sanitize your clothes daily after coming from outside in case you go out.
  • If you feel fever and cold, get it checked by a qualified Doctor.
  • If possible avoid visiting any crowded places.