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N series Mask Product

N-series Face Mask-Highly Effective & Protective Against Hazardous Nano-Particles.

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Highly customised to suit the requirements.

Working in contaminated environment - it affords complete protection against nano- particles and microbes causing health issues. It prevents contact with airborne foreign particles/ organisms thus reducing the risk of getting infected.


N-Series masks are created as a result of painstaking research worldwide leading to the development of quality standard mainly required for healthcare professionals in safe performance of their duties. Over a period of time it has been throughly researched and developed to filter out highly infectious airborne nano-particles/ micro-organisms.

It affords complete protection against airbornes contaminants. It is three layered with a middle layer of Meltblown, whihc affords filteration of the nano-particles/ microbes.

  • Color
  • Multi color
  • Size
  • Universal - 17.5*9.5cm
  • Material
    • Front /Back - 2 Layer Cotton/ Dry Fit
    • Middle Layer - Melt blown
  • Type
    • N-95
    • KN-95
  • Feature
    • With adjustable and without nose clip
    • Meltblown non-woven polypropylene fabric
    • Glass fibre free
    • KN-95 filters 95% oil based and bioaerosol hazardous particle (Viruses)
    • Multi times washable