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Customized Designer Mask

Reusable Personalised Designer Face Mask

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Highly customised to suit the requirements.

These personalised designer face masks are good for outdoor activities like shopping and travelling. They are trendy and affords protection from contaminants.


This product apart from providing protection against contaminants, can be customised to make it trendy to suit your requirements.

These masks are trendy and highly fashionable. While going out you can wear it in style. This gives you a fashion statement .

  • Color
  • This Reusable Masks comes in many Colors - Make a fashion statement while fighting pandemic.
  • Size
  • Universal - 17.5*9.5cm
  • Material
  • 2 Different Varieties available depends on the Material -
    • Cotton based
    • Cotton Polyester Based
  • Comfort
  • When it comes to comfort this Mask is a Prize, and comes with Multi Layer to ensure comfort and filtration.
  • Layers
    • Cotton
    • Foam cushion
    • Meltblown
  • Middle layer with 3 different options-( 3 ply)
    • Cotton variety
    • Foam cushioning variety
    • Melt blown variety.
  • Feature
    • Multi layers of mask provides an extra layer of protection and reduces the chances of contamination from bioaerosols.
    • It can be reusable after recommended standard dis-infection/ washing
    • Soft, breathable and lightweight
    • Highly effective in protecting from bio-aerosol infectants.