About Us

"Safeti Mart"

About us

Safety of every Citizen is our Motto and Topmost Priority

SafetiMart was conceived and launched after understanding the criticality, severity, and necessity to fulfill the gap in safety equipment and services identified during the COVID-19 pandemic. The vision is to ensure a disease-free world and healthy life for humanity by facilitating our healthcare products and services for everyone at an affordable cost.
The setup consists of individuals with a mix of experience and innovative talent to achieve the objective. With a humble start, the company has already started receiving appreciation for the quality of products delivered and services rendered.

About us

Some words about us

We wanted to expand a new vertical into the Health care sector that can serve humanity. Expansion at the time of Corona pandemic motivates our employees to put extra efforts to safeguard the lives of citizens of our nation.

Ever since our inception in February, we have guided many clients and companies about how to protect yourself from lethal micro organisms. With every successful client, we move towards our goal of betterment and safety of our society.

Every time the health sector and humanity faces challenges we come forward to take a small share of our responsibility. Everyone should have a clear cut idea of how to build a robust health care system which gives us a healthy and happy life. That is what we do here. We help the authorities, civic bodies, individuals to explore the best way to have a healthy life and a feeling of fulfilment.

We provide the most suitable, actionable, fruitful and inspiring products and/or services that would give better health care and happiness for humanity at times of epidemics or disaster crisis.


We provide kits and accessories to meet these objectives.
  • We believe in launching quality products to support any medical mission.
  • To aid the health workers and the infected victims by facilitating them with advanced health care accessories created using latest technology.
  • To save the lives of people at the time of epidemics and catastrophe.
  • We believe in creating a healthy and disease free society .


To ensure a disease free world and healthy life for humanity.


Facilitate our health care products and/or services for everyone affordably.

Our Services

We design and manufacture all preventive healthcare accessories and make it available for everyone across the world. Our Research and development department constantly studies the changing requirement of the health sector monitoring the challenges faced by the health care departments. And, we develop the cost effective solution which would prevent the spread of any epidemic.

  • To avail Healthcare accessories such as PPE kits for everyone.
  • To provide Health Care Kits for the Healthcare activists, Healthcare workers, Healthcare volunteers, and Healthcare Professionals.
  • Help the Non-Government institution to fight health care issues by supplying the best accessories at affordable rates.
  • Support the government agencies to fulfill the medical accessories by supplying on time across the nation.
  • Be a part of the healthcare disaster management by supplying healthcare accessories to the volunteers and the organisations to save every citizen’s life.

We manufacture and sell original and properly sanitised Kits

Keeping the key objective in mind we manufacture and sell the essential kits, like PPE categories, Personal protection gears on this site. Our objective is to make sure that the Masks and other preventive accessories are easily accessible to everyone. Because there are many occasions the preventive kits are not easily available, then the chance of spreading the epidemic becomes very high.

Here you can buy all safety accessories easily and it's just one click away.

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    We manufacture all products with adequate precautions. Products manufactured by our organization meet quality standards. At every step the quality control protocols are in place with through supervision to ensure world class quality standards.

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    When it comes to sanitisation we are extra careful. While we source the raw material we make sure that the source of raw maternal meet all hygiene and sanitization standards.
    The manufacturing unit needs all hygiene and sanitation protocols meeting international standards. The workforce is throughly sanitised to ensure no contaminants are taken inside the manufacturing faciality.
    Our motto: "Safety Before Self".

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    Affordability and Accessibility

    Our products are sold at affordable prices. We make sure that you can buy online from anywhere in the world. Your time and money are saved. Nevertheless, the quality is maintained at highest standard.
    We thought of you!...

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    On Time Delivery

    As soon as you place an order our team comes into action. They process the order instantly and hand it over to the next delivery schedule. You will have the option to track your order online or call our customer service department. Your product is 99% delivered on time and it is maintained always.

Our Products

Our products are completely sanitised, meet the quality standards and are available at a reasonable price.
The raw materials are fully sanitised before sending for manufacturing. From Manufacturing stage to deliver complete quality and sanitisation are maintained. You will find most of them trendy and fashionable too. There are a minimum 3 layers of filtrations on every mask which will prevent any minute particle reaching your nose and lips.